Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Del

Happy holidays everyone! We in Del 206 have been very busy with finals and moving back home for break, but I’m here to update you on our Christmas!

Here’s a vid of Erin giving a tour of our explosion of Christmas which occurred in our room.

In addition to decorating our room, we did a Pollyanna gift exchange. Here are some pics:

DSC07433Our traffic-cone Christmas tree, Rudolf, and presents.

DSC07435Carrie and Sean getting ready to open presents.

DSC07436Emily’s first present from Sean: Sea Salt.

DSC07437Second present from Sean: A boat.

DSC07444The only logical place to put said boat.

DSC07442Sarah got a blanky from Erin.

DSC07443Erin also got a blanky from Carrie.

DSC07445And I got a set of shot glasses from Emily. Which we didn’t waste any time breaking in.

Semester Wrap Up: Erin survived and enjoyed student teaching, Emily finished her internship and accepted a job offer from them (!!), Alyssa finished her internship and will miss them dearly, and Sarah worked hard, still made time for fun, and re-discovered her love of Thursday night karaoke.

Have a safe and happy new year!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween Costumes

As promised, here’s an overview of our Halloween costumes!


(l-r) Emily the cat, Alyssa the pirate (with a question, apparently), Sarah as Robin da Hood, and Erin the present.

corey and brent

(l-r) Corey as Three-Hole Punch Jim, Alyssa again, and Alyssa’s-boyfriend-Brent as Steve. No Steve in particular, just Steve.


(l-r) Taylor as a Chilean miner (too soon?), Sarah, Corey, Alyssa’s-boyfriend-Brent, Alyssa, and Sean as the Mad Hatter.

Twas a very good Halloween. We even made it into the local bar’s Facebook photo album!!


For the comments: It may be a bit late, but what did you do for Halloween?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


living room, 9pm

Sarah: Modern family?
Alyssa: Yeah, of course.
(everyone sits down in front of the TV)
Alyssa: What? Country Music? CMAS?!? (country music awards)
Emily: oh, poo.
Alyssa: Is there anything else we can watch? ANYTHING?
Friend Taylor: um...ultimate cage fighting?
Emily: This sucks.

9:15 pm

Alyssa: Huh. Her shoes are like 6 inches high. How is she walking?
Emily: craziness...and crazy we're still watching this.
Sarah: yeah.
Emily: actually, come to think of it, I've seen a lot of these people in concert...that one...and that one...and that one...and that one. (All by accident. My tiny no-name town happens to be home of a HUUUUUUGE country music festival every year. We get a lot of people who are famous/become famous within three weeks of the concert, along with Flamin' Dick & The Hot Rods, a regional favorite.)

10 pm

Emily: huh?
Alyssa: she's making her debut tonight.
Emily: well, now we have to keep watching.

10:20 pm

Emily: actually kind of like this song. *
Alyssa: too.
Friend Sean: Wow, how this night has gone. From "I hate the CMAs" to "I like this song."

who knew?

* the song we liked:

Friday, October 29, 2010


Thought it was time for a lil update on Del 206. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. Football games

What’s better than college football games? Well, many things, especially if the team is loosing. HOWEVER. We still support our Flying Dutchmen, even if their record isn’t the best this year.


Best game of the year was Homecoming, and miraculously, we won! This was very exciting, as our record was 1-4 before the game. We were losing all the way up to the fourth quarter and somehow started catching the ball and actually running with it. Amazing.


It was fun times to be had. Especially since we were sitting beside the band and got to cheer along with them.

2. Family Dinners

Erin had the awesome idea that every so often Del 206 should get together to have a family dinner together which one of us would make.

DSC07014Erin started it off with a lovely lasagna, complete with “206” on it out of cheese.


206 lasagnaIt was really nice to sit down and chat with the other girls over a glass of wine.
It was my turn to treat next, and I made a family recipe of Macaroni and Cheese Soup. Yummmmmmm.

mac n cheese night

I obviously screen captured this pic off of FB, but you know what, I’m not changing it. This blog needs to go up!!

I somehow miscalculated the number of noodles needed, and while we did have enough for ourselves, it was extraaaa cheesy, since I still used the same amount of cheese. Oh well! It was tastetastic.

3. Family Pets

After visiting the Ephrata Fair and failing to win a goldfish at it, Sarah and Emily decided to take the matter into their own hands and went to Walmart and bought themselves some fish.


Sarah named her fish Tipsy. Emily named her fish Mervyn.


Little did they know, Tipsy and Mervyn’s lives were to be cut short.
Mervyn died in one day. Tipsy died a week later.


Emily bought herself a new Beta fish named Rupert, which seems to be swimming strong.


The fishbowl is now used for other things.


4. Bar Times=Fun Times

We’ve been making frequent use the local bars in town (read=2). We prefer the classier Batdorf to the dive-bar-esque Corvette, however we don’t discriminate.vette

The classy Corvette


Flagging at the Batdorf


That’s our Sarah!

5. Halloween

This weekend is Halloween (and you can be sure we’ll make a follow up post with our costumes!) so we decided to festive-ize our room make painting/permanent markering pumpkins!


At work


Emily’s pirate pumpkin


Sean’s adorable squash


My pumpkin (which Sean stuck pen antenna in) with Sean’s squash friend


Sarah’s festive pumpkin


Erin and her painted pumpkin


Family of squash living on our coffee table

And that concludes our recap of the past month or so of Del 206. Have a Happy Halloween!

For the comments: What are you going to be for Halloween??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Senior kickoff!

After a pretty nice homecoming weekend (and we actually won! woo!) we ended it all by heading to the senior kickoff dinner, where we basically sat in a corner table (because, as we learned, we can't really be taken out in Polite Society) and entertained ourselves while listening to people talk about how we can donate money to the SCHOOL WE STILL ARE PAYING TO GO TO.


We decided to closet-shop each other's stash of clothing. EXCELLENT IDEA. We will defs be doing this again. Everybody just laid out all her appropriate-to-the-event clothes on a bed or couch and went to town. As you can see from the ever so handy labeling in the photo to the right, we all wound up wearing a bunch of each other's stuff.

We arrived at said dinner in our fly finery and found that Honorary Boy Roommate Sean (now with improved 20/20 vision) had picked a table in the corner. WHY. WHY, SEAN, WHY. Why would you pick a table in the corner?

In hindsight, that was a really good call on his part. To quote Alyssa as she fished some candy corn out of the centerpiece:

I feel like we're the black sheep of this school sometimes.

But we're awesome.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It all started with “Say Yes to the Dress”…

So tonight the girls of Del 206 decided to watch “Say Yes to the Dress.” And through a thought process which I don’t even remember anymore, we ended up designing our perfect engagement rings and wedding dresses.
Yep, apparently we’re teenage girls again.
Either way, we had fun spending our Friday night this way (followed with some more college-appropriate activities later…).
Guess who’s who!
Hint: Hair/skin colors are not always an exact representation, sorry.
Roommate #1
erin's ring
erin's dress
Roommate #2
 emily's ringemily's dress
Roommate # 3
  sarah's dress
Roommate #4
alyssa's ring real
alyssa's dress
If you can correctly guess two or more, you get a gold star!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving day....s!

We'd toast with champagne, but how do we open it? (we did)
*note: yes, that is a lei. And yes, that is another lei over the lamp in to the right. I just counted 8 leis in my vicinity. We like leis.

After I had been puttering around Del 206 by myself for weeks, the other girls finally joined me!
We bustled about getting things set up...Erin and I had done a little bit with the furniture, since Alyssa and Sarah brought pieces in gradually, but the girls had to finish setting up their rooms and bits of the bathroom.

Earlier in the week I had engaged in a rather creative little bit of 'home improvement' that ultimately came down to some not-quite-canon uses for picture hangers, nails, and duct tape...all in the name of organized showering:

As Alyssa pointed out today, we now really do move in a pack. We are like a little clump of happy women moving around. It's cute, I'm sure. Moving day went off pretty much without a hitch, since it had been mainly a gradual process. Seeing as we don't have LOADS of space to work with, we've done a pretty good job of decorating, in my opinion. And we love furniture that is not expensive, so my parents' gift of a 1967 Ethan Allen coffee table is mucho appreciado. It looks good for being so over the hill. Perfect foot propping-height, see, my feet are on it now:

So now we're all home. A pink champagne toast (while wearing 5-for-$1 leis, because WHY NOT?!) to ring in the new digs and we're just about all set! Please, feel free to check out some more gratuitous photos of our living arrangements:

We even have a family portrait hanging on the wall....

{no, that is not our child.}
{yes, that is awkward.}
{that is the point.}